Funds from every Florida Hospice specialty plate helps:
  • Free advance directives
  • Hospice care programs
  • Education and outreach for hospice volunteers, patients, families & health care professionals
  • End-of-life care programs specific to gender, ethnic, religious & minority groups
  • Access to end-of-life care for Florida’s veterans
  • A new model of care for very ill children
  • Information & helplines

In 2024, there are over 8,000 Florida residents who drive every day reminding their neighbors that
Every Day is a Gift.

Every Day is A Gift

Your purchase of a Florida Hospice Association specialty license plate ensures that every Floridian has access to hospice care when they need it most. Since 1982, the Florida Hospice Association has been a unified voice for hospice programs in Florida that provides high-value education, empowers patients and caregivers seeking services and resolutely advocating for quality hospice and palliative care.

How to Get Your Plate

The Florida Hospice license plate is available through your local Tax Collector’s Office or County Tag Agency. A portion of the funds from the specialty license plate contributes to your local hospice community.

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